Make stunning video with these 10 iMovie Features! (100% Free)

Make stunning video with these 10 iMovie Features! (100% Free)

Make stunning video with these 10 iMovie Features! (100% Free)
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iMovie is a software which offers us the best features for zero cost. iMovie has many great features… From which I have listed Most useful features here. You may see Top 10 iMovie Features post or Top 15 iMovie Features post or maybe the best iMovie Features post around the internet. Amongst all of those features of iMovie… I have here listed the most useful iMovie features for you.

10 Incredible iMovie Features

There are many other video editing software out there which are available for free or paid. And also for multiple os platforms like Windows, Mac or Linux. The difference is in features of course and also in User-Interface. Also, We can consider iMovie’s User-Interface as a very great feature. Cause it is really what makes a difference. iMovie may have some common features like other video editing software. But, with its simplest UI and easy to use features it is really one of the best video editing software.

Top 10 Apple iMovie Features

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Best iMovie Features

Here are some of the best iMovie features which I personally like and used it many times a month. This all are the features which are provided by the iMovie without any charges at the time of Installation.

  • Great Performance
  • Elegant User-Interface and Delightful User Experience
  • Movie Trailer W/ Trailers and Themes
  • SteadyCam
  • People Detection
  • Sound Manipulation(Lower the background noise)
  • Fast and Slow Motion
  • Day to Night
  • Title Duplication
  • Dolby Zoom
  • Lens Flare
  • Split Screen Effect in Video
  • External Microphones
  • Blue or Green Screens
  • Flipped Video
  • Cut in Time to Music
  • Split Edit
  • Black and White Film
  • Cutaway type shots

Want to understand each of them?

No Problem! Let’s dive deeper to understand all of those features, how it works? and how those features help you in making your next stunning Editing Project!

Movie Trailer Creation W/ Trailers and Themes

how to make a movie trailers and themes in iMovieWith this feature, you can choose from a variety of trailers and themes to get started. This feature allows us to select a trailer in the project and customize and edit the video to look like a professional edit. As Movie trailers are the scenes from the actual movie which are used to increase user anticipation, You can use trailer themes for that purpose. It has various kinds of themes like…… Sports, Drama, Movie, Retro, Romantic, Supernatural, Superheroes. From which you can use the one which suits the best to your edit. You can use this feature for whatever purpose you want to edit your video for or you want to create a trailer for. Because of its variety of themes and robustness of its library. It is easy to get started with available trailers.

Steadycam Effect

iMovie steadicam effect - cool iMovie effectsThis iMovie feature can be used to get steady shots in a video or a movie. While shooting there may be some disturbances which result in the loss of focus on the target… To overcome that, we can use this iMovie effect we can focus on the target and keep a focus on the target for where it goes. This effect is very useful when you don’t have the professional shooting pieces of equipment and you’ve shot your videos or movies in a hurry, Then you will definitely need to steady your shots. For that purpose, iMovie is maybe the best.

There may be scenarios when your video clip does not have steady shots, And we all know how bad a disturbing video looks!! So, Just use this iMovie feature and get a steady shot like a pro.

People Detection

how to blur moving objects in iMovie - iMovie People Detection EffectsAre there people in your movie? Yes? You want the details about them to be showed in a video? Yes? Then you can do it with iMovie. This feature can be used to detect people in a movie or a video clip and show the details about the characters you want to show, Like the distance between two people or the distance between the camera and the person or character. This feature can be used to detect all the people in the movie and track them all along the video with their numbers. But, have patience and have the most benefits out of this feature.

Sound Manipulation like Equalizer

how to fade audio in iMovie - sound effects in iMovie DownloadSound Manipulation’s most common scenario is that You can use iMovie to lower the background noise. And yes, I call it sound manipulation because you can actually do it. You can use iMovie’s this feature like an equalizer and you can reduce the background noise. Or, You can also increase the strength and intensity of the main sound you want. You can also add music to your movie and manipulate them in a way to an awesome edit.

The video quality and the storyline or anything is not of any worth if there is high background noise or unwanted sound. So, You can use this feature of iMovie software to lower the unwanted sound……. let’s say Background Noise or increase the intensity of the sound you want. As you can use it as an equalizer… Manipulate the sound at your fingertips. Use it to know more.

Fast and Slow Motion

Slow Motion in iMovie - How to edit slow motion videoDefy the time with iMovie for Windows 10. Fast Forward your video or slow it down. You can use this feature however you want. It lets you increase or decrease the speed of your video clip as you want. The speed of the video matters a lot. Cause when you see something moving fast or slow… It has a different impression on the brain. And Slo-Mo is the new trend nowadays. You may see many videos on the internet with Slo-Mo. So, Grab your iMovie software and get ready to slow the time.

If you want to express more in limited time, then you can speed up your movie… Or you can use the ultimate SLO-MO Effect of iMovie Software. In iMovie software… You can easily adjust and manipulate the speed of your video clips through the inbuilt speed editor, which has presets selection for the speed. You can also verify the video clips, That’s a great feature… I know. 🙂

Day To Night

black and white effect iMovie - convert night into dayConvert your day movie clip into a night movie. Captured a video a day? Did you want it at night? Yes? No Problem, The great iMovie software got it all covered. With this feature, You can convert day into the night… (In a video of course, Cause we can not control the SUN! 😉 This makes the video clip look like it was captured in the night and not in the day… In spite, it was captured in the day. Or you can use this for transitions in your movie… As a movie goes ahead, You can convert day into night with this feature that iMovie provides us.

iMovie Effects Download Free

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Title Duplication

how to add a title in iMovie - iMovie special effectsInstead of creating and editing title each and every time for every video edit you make… You can duplicate the titles from one clip to others very easily. This can be very useful when you’ve less time and you need to get things done fast.

The DOLLY Zoom Effect

iMovie Dolly Zoom Effect Download - iMovie effects downloadWhile Shooting, You may have missed zooming on the specific spot which may be the focal point for your video clip. To achieve the same effect, Dolby Zoom feature can be used. It creates the same impression as the zooming from the camera. The background remains blurry and the focus is transferred slowly to the main focus spot. This iMovie effect is an effect largely done while shooting is in progress but with options of re-creating in iMovie. You can use this effect to Zoom in the already shooted clips to a particular part and also look very realistic. When zooming, the camera is supposed to be on a backward movement with a synchronized speed between the zoom and the subject. This makes the video with zoom, look classy.

Lens Flare

This iMovie effect recreates the sunlight which is captured in the camera. This makes it look like ta the light captured is really the light coming directly from the sun.

Split Screen for videos

multiple split screen iMovie effectSplit screen for videos effect is used to have multiple screens on a screen at the same time. We can use it to make more informational or those clips also compliment each other. We can put multiple video clips running at the same time or one after the other in the same video screen. Show multiple video clips in a single video frame. Which are related or you just don’t care and want to show to look cooler. This edit looks very professional and can be very useful to Directors. The more you use it, the more expert you become at this.

External Microphones

use external mic in iMoviePoor sound quality can devaluate your movie. Even if you have a very well edited movie clip with awesome effects and animations….. But if the sound quality is poor then, It can distract viewers from the video. That’s where the external microphones come in the picture… You can use them while enhancing the video. And record the voice and use it in the video.  This improves the sound and audio experience in the video.

Blue or Green Screens

Do you want to make tutorials? Or you want a static background for your video lectures? Or just you can create a video scene where you stand down straight in front of the camera with a static background and record your saying….? Yes, That can be done using iMovie software. There is this feature called Blue or Green Screen… Which can reduce the color transparency or cut the color and make the background static green or blue?

Green Screening in iMovie for Windows 10This iMovie effect gives us the power to cut any single color from the background and make it transparent and replace it with any other color. So, You can replace the background with green or blue screens.  This effect is very useful when you can’t go to multiple locations for editing different scenes… So, It is useful to have the same colored background. This is a very great feature if you are creating any tutorial videos.


There are plenty more features in iMovie software. iMovie has features for maybe everything you want to do with your video clip or movie. You can use it to edit video like professionals. Cause many professionals use this software in their Macs for video editing. The more you will use this software, the more you will become familiar with its features and will get knowledge of how to use those features as you want. So, Happy journey ahead using iMovie with all its great features.

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