Top 10 iMovie alternatives for Android Users (2019 Updated)

Top 10 iMovie alternatives for Android Users (2019 Updated)

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How to Download iMovie for Android Mobiles and Tablets?

iMovie for Android is hard to find. I mean Best iMovie alternatives for Android is hard to find. As we all know, iMovie is a Video Editing software by APPLE INC. exclusively available for Macbooks, iPhones, and iPads. And also it is loaded with very cool and awesome features with great UI and UX and with such great power for editing. But still, we may get iMovie Alternatives for Android which can be turned out to be iMovie for Android. As APPLE INC. has not released any official iMovie app for Android, we totally need to rely on other iMovie alternatives for Android. But, we don’t need to get disappointed. Because iMovie’s similar features can be found on some android applications. Android Video Editing and Movie Maker Applications which can really be called and introduced as iMovie for Android.

iMovie Alternatives for Android

We have many android video editors and movie making apps with awesome features in the Google Play Store. Some of which are available for free and some are paid. So, we have a lot of choices to choose from. So, I will here provide the best iMovie alternatives for Android Mobile and Android Tablets.

Because some apps may have more or fewer features than official iMovie software by APPLE.

Some very awesome features of iMovie are…

  • Blue / Green Screen
  • Day To Night
  • Slow Motion
  • Cut, crop, Trim, Edit
  • Template Gallery

The full list of iMovie’s awesome features can be found here…

Complete List of iMovie features (2019 Updated Version)

I provided the link of iMovie’s features because you all may get an idea, about what we are looking into the best iMovie Alternatives for Android. Which can really be called iMovie for Android?

So, let’s dive deeper into finding the best iMovie Alternatives for Android.

Complete List of iMovie Alternatives for Android

  1. FilmoraGo
  2. WeVideo
  3. VivaVideo
  4. VideoShow
  5. KineMaster
  6. Adobe Premiere Clip
  7. Quik
  8. Magisto
  9. Power Director Video Editor App
  10. Funimate


FilmoraGo is a free video editor with lots of premium effects. Wondershare filmoraGo is a premium video editing software. Which is available for free as a trial and you can also buy it to get all the premium effects, tools and effects for long period.

download FilmoraGo for android - iMovie Alternatives for Android

It is a very easy and useful video editor. Filmora provides tons of features like…

It is an ALL-IN-ONE Video Editor App.

– There are a lot of themes available for editing your videos and convert them into a professional movie.
– Tons of customizable overlays to make it more beautiful and attractive and impressive.
– Filters that are eye-candy to your audience. The filters available will match your video or movie type because you can choose from the options given there.
– Elements which can be used in video themes… Many elements are available like love, dove, stars, etc.
– Very beautiful transitions on the video clips. Like, Brithtbars, Slice.

Use this awesome video editor to know more about its features, effects, transitions, filters, and themes.

Also, FimoraGo has many top-end premium tools which can be used for making professional edits to your movie and videos.

Official Site –>

What we can do with FilmoraGO?

  1. Slow Motion
  2. Trim / Split
  3. Increase or Decrease Speed
  4. Reverse Video Clips
  5. Voice Over
  6. Audio Mixes
  7. Picture In Picture like Split Screens

There is more to this awesome video editor. Which needs your exploration. Download it from here to use it and know its true editing power and experience all the tools and features available.

Download Wondershare FilmoraGo for Android

   Download Wondershare FilmoraGo for Android

Download Wondershare FilmoraGo for iPhone

   Download Wondershare FilmoraGo for iPhone


WeVideo is a cloud-based company. Now, they have launched WeVideo – A mobile video editing App for Android. Which is simple to use and understand. Has smooth User-Experience and good User-Interface. One best feature of WeVideo which makes it the best iMovie alternative for Android is sync. WeVideo sync all your edited videos and awesome movies or trailers you create with the cloud. Which makes it accessible to anywhere, everywhere and at anytime. The only requirement is the Internet Connection. And also, as it is a cloud-based company. You can get all of the editors online. As it is available on Cloud and you can continue your editing anytime and anywhere from any online computer. And also in any other android phone by downloading WeVideo application and logging in……

download wevideo for android

Some Features of WeVideo directly From WeVideo’s Blog

  • Sync
    1. Sync here is the most useful feature. Because sync makes all of our edits and movies available to us anywhere and anytime.
    2. It also syncs our edits on Cloud. So, it makes it available on all of our logged devices via the Cloud.
    3. Which is a very great feature. Because we can access our video edits from anywhere from any online computer.
  • Capturing Video Footage
    1. WeVideo Android app provides the option or inbuilt camera which can be used to capture video on the time when you want to edit.
    2. It provides some features or effects which can be used on the go.
    3. Or, you can also use the video clips on your device’s storage.
  • Creative Controls
    1. Arrange clips in the order you want for your movie or trailer.
    2. Adjust track volume to match your preference or your need.
    3. Stylize with any one of the unique WeVideo themes, with built-in music, filters, transitions, and titles.
    4. And many more controls and effects to make editing smooth, easy and fun.
  • Mobile Media Integration
    1. Media on your mobile like photos, video clips, music can be used for editing and creating movies or trailers as you like.
    2. Video clips can be edited and added.
    3. Music can be integrated into the video.
    4. Photos can be used for a slideshow or making trailers.
  • Expansive Exporting
    1. After you’re done with your editing work…
    2. You can export your work to
      • WeVideo Cloud
      • YouTube
      • Facebook
      • Instagram
      • Twitter
      • Your Local Mobile Storage
Features of WeVideo - iMovie alternatives for Android
Image Credit goes to

WeVideo is really a good iMovie alternative for Android.

Get WeVideo for Android

   Download WeVideo for Android

Get WeVideo for iPhone

   Download WeVideo for iPhone

Get WeVideo for Windows 10

   Download WeVideo for Windows 10


VivaVideo has been awarded as ‘Best Free Video Editor Application for Android‘. Viva Video provides many features similar to iMovie software. You may also call it the best free video editor for Android. And also the best video editor alternative of iMovie for Android. It is a very POWERFUL VIDEO EDITOR which provides very cool and powerful editing tools.

download viva video editor apk

Let’s look at its key features and highlights of VivaVideo

  • Fastest Videos Editing & Photo Movie app
    1. Slow-Down your video and make amazing Slow-Motion video with amazing Slow Motion Video Editor of VivaVideo.
    2. Trim and merge clips with Editing tools available in VivaVideo.
    3. Music To Videomaker.
    4. Save the video easily in your phone.
  • Share your edited video on
    1. Facebook
    2. YouTube
    3. Instagram
    4. WhatsApp
    5. Google+
    6. Snapchat
    7. Messenger
    8. Vimeo, and many more other social media platforms
  • Another similar feature to iMovie VivaVideo has is SlideShow Maker which can be used to make awesome slideshows.
    1. Turn your photos into professional slideshows as you could do in iMovie!
  • Picture In Picture Maker (PIP)
  • Collage Templates are also available to make collages in VivaVideo.

viva video app download 9apps

There are many Special Effects, Filters available in VivaVideo that makes it the best alternative to iMovie for Android Smartphones and Tablets.

Get Viva Video for Android

   Download Viva Video for Android


VideoShow is an easy and practical video editor. Which can be used to create awesome movies, movie scenes and also movie trailers. And can be used to do professional edits to your videos.

video show app download free - iMovie alternatives for Android

Like, all the other apps it also has some more or fewer features than iMovie software. All these apps I have mentioned here or have given details has similar features not only to iMovie but also to each other. Some tools and features are easy to use in One App and some are easy to use in another. It’s up to you that which application suits you and which application you want to use.

VideoShow also likes all the other apps provides some basic and some advanced tools. It is also a good alternative to iMovie for Android Devices which is a worth trying.

Key Features of VideoShow

  • Easy-to-use, with a wide variety of functions
  • Hundreds of pieces of free music all fully licensed
  • It’s Totally free to use. No any watermarks or purchasing or upgrading to premium.
  • Many themes available for editing
  • Various background music and sounds are available in VideoShow
  • Many cool filters to add in your video or movie or slideshow or Movie Scenes or Trailers :)!
  • Background Blur
  • GIF Making Feature to create gifs

VideoShow Editing Tools that can…

  • Zoom in and out in video without losing focus or focusing where you want in your video
  • Video Dubbing – VoiceOver. It’s smooth and easy with VideoShow
  • Reverse Videos
  • Slow-Motion
  • Audio Mixing
  • Edit, Split, Trim, Merge, Cut video clips

Save your edited video on your local storage for sharing it with friends and take it in your laptop or pc or anywhere.

Sharing over multiple social media platforms like…

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp, and many more other social media platforms

It is a very good video editing app overall. Also a very good alternative to iMovie for Android Devices and Tablets.

Get VideoShow for Android

   Download VideoShow for Android

Get VideoShow for iPhone

   Download VideoShow for iPhone


Kinemaster is a full-featured professional video editor application for Android. Possibly, the only android app to support multiple layers of video, images, and texts.
Like all the other apps it also has features similar to iMovie video editing software.
People who are new to mobile editing or to be precise… Android Mobile editing can also be able to easily use KineMaster and do very good edits using KineMaster. And people who are already professionals and are familiar with Android Mobile Editing will enjoy its powerful editing features and Tools. So, In short, its a good deal for every user either Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

kinemaster app download apk

So, A very good iMovie alternative for Android? YES! Of Course.

Features of KineMaster

  • Multiple layers of video, images, effects, overlays, stickers, text, and handwriting
  • It provides a library from where we can download
    1. more effects
    2. music to set in the background of our video
    3. overlays
    4. stickers and more from KineMaster Store
  • A very good and similar feature to iMovie software for frame-by-frame trimming
  • It also gives a feature to preview the edits before actually applying them. Also, we can undo it… But preview feature is cool though. Cause, It saves time
  • Also, it provides controls which can control
    1. Hue
    2. Brightness and
    3. Saturation in Video
  • Voice Changer is also available to tweak voice or sound in the video. Different voice effects can be applied by choosing from already available effects
  • Speed control for video clips. Slow-Motion or Increase Speed of video by 0.25X, 0.5X or 2X
  • Transition effects (3D transitions, wipes, fades, and more)
  • Various themes to choose from for your video. Also 3D Transitions, Visual and Audio Effects
  • Share your edited video on
    1. Facebook
    2. YouTube
    3. Instagram
    4. WhatsApp
    5. Snapchat
    6. Messenger, and many more other social media platforms
  • Multiple Image, Audio, and Video Format Support

It’s a very powerful Video editing Software for Android overall and also a very good iMovie alternative for Android Devices and Tablets. You can rely on this option completely for your video editing in Android.

Get Kine Master for Android

   Kine Master for Android

Get Kine Master for iPhone

   Download Kine Master for iPhone

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe’s Premiere Clip is a free video editor that makes it fast and fun to create quality videos that can be easily shared – or easily opened in Adobe Premiere Pro CC for extra polish.

adobe premiere clip apk download - Perfect iMovie Alternative for Android

It’s an official Adobe Product. Also, it gives us support to use our Video in Adobe Softwares. Adobe Premiere Clip gives us support for further editing and polishing of the video in Adobe’s Softwares. Which is a very great feature cause We all know how powerful Adobe’s Softwares are. And support to use directly in that gives us more power to that.

A feature that they call…

  • Automatic Video Editing
    1. Using which we just have to select the clips and music and the pace(speed). It automatically sets images and the clips to set the music in the background.
    2. This is a very useful feature and Time-Saving feature. Cause we don’t have to do much using this feature for further editing.

It has more or less features to iMovie software like every other video editing software in my list of iMovie alternatives for Android. Still, I am listing out its features here.

Features of Adobe Premiere Clip

  • Sound Manipulation(Lower the background noise)
  • Fast and Slow Motion
  • Day to Night
  • Title Duplication
  • Optimized Zoom
  • PIP(Picture In Picture)
  • External Microphones
  • Blue or Green Screens
  • Cut in Time to Music
  • Black and White Film
  • Cutaway type shots

Share your edited videos over various social media platforms directly without any problem. So, Dive deeper into using this very cool video editing software. By downloading it from here.

Get Adobe Premiere Clip for Android

   Download Adobe Premiere Clip for Android

Get Adobe Premiere Clip for iPhone

   Download Adobe Premiere Clip for iPhone


Quik – As the name suggests is a fast and quick video editor for Android devices. And yes, It is also one of the best and free video editors available for Android devices. So, It’s a good alternative to iMovie. It can be used to edit videos in full resolution and also create awesome videos. It also has one feature like auto-edit. In which it automatically chooses some effects, filters, and transitions so that your video gets ready to be published in few taps and also in the very low amount of time. So, It’s a great feature by a great video editing application.

quik app download for android - iMovie alternatives for Android

Also like you could edit texts and titles and overlays and cutting, cropping and other things, They all can also be done easily with using Quik app. And in a fun way. It’s a very good editing experience with Quik app.

Features of Quik app

    • One amazing feature of Quik is – It can analyze GoPro footage and extract some data out of it… Data like
      1. Faces
      2. Expressions
      3. Audio, Voices
      4. Speed, Motion
      5. Steady footage
      6. Water
      7. Hills, Mountains
      8. Light, etc…:- And use this extracted data for analysis and this data is used for choosing the effects and filters that may fit your video and make your creation awesome with very less effort.
    • Speed control
    • Cut, Crop, Trim, Edit your video easily
    • Titles
    • Overlays
    • Background Sounds
    • Background noise reduction
    • Full resolution support
  • High Frame-Rate like 60 fps
  • Multiple Video and Audio formats support

Quik Video editor app gives us these features and also many other useful tools capable to do professional editing and also editing in less time. All for free. So, all these features and tools make it a very good editor and also a very good considerable iMovie alternative for Android Smartphones.

Get Quik for Android

   Download Quik for Android

Get Quik for iPhone

   Download Quik for iPhone


Magisto is an award-winning editor on Google Play Store. It has won several awards on Google Play Store.

Some cool facts about Magisto

  • Google Play Editor’s Choice(2018)
  • Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ 2018
  • Consumer Reports’ #1 Video Editing App 2017

magisto pro apk free download -iMovie alternatives for Android

Also, many YouTubers and Video Editors have recommended this Video Editor(Magisto) for Mobile Video Editing.  It is definitely worth trying Video Editing Application and also a very cool, fun and amazing alternative to Apple’s iMovie video editing software.

As its title on Google Play Store – Magisto is very good at creating Music Slideshows, Picture Collages and also at Movie Making – That’s what a really a feature we are looking for here.

Features of Magisto

  • AI Powered Editor
    1. Magisto has A.I powered editor which analyzes the footage and uses that data for choosing effects and filters to match the video and make it more awesome
    2. It makes the editing cooler and fun and also very quick
    3. It turns editing into automatic… let’s say semi-automatic. It is indeed a very cool and useful feature
  • Professional video editing tools to make movies look magnificent
  • Powerful Music Slideshow Creator
  • Slow Motion
  • Speed Control
  • PIP(Picture In Picture)
  • Zoom In Video
  • FHD(1080P) Resolution Support

Directly share your edited videos, movies or slideshows with your friends’ via WhatsApp or Instagram or any other Social Media Platforms.

All these great features put this video editor into my list of Best iMovie alternatives for Android).

Get Magisto for Android

   Download Magisto for Android

Get Magisto for iPhone

   Download Magisto for iPhone

Power Director Video Editor App

Power Director app can produce 4K movies, magnificent music slideshows, speed up your movie or give it a touch of ultimate slo-mo and also turn your ordinary video clips and pictures into a professional movie or Trailer. It has many cool unique effects and features which can help you easily edit your video as you like and customize your video at your fingertips. This is a great video editing app and a very cool iMovie alternative for Android. And Yes, A very good android video editor.

powerdirector apk download - iMovie alternatives for Android

You can use Power Director to produce a video song. Use effects in it like, background noise reduction. Also, echo the sound and control various sounds in your video. And it also provides tools which may be available in other premium video editing software. Such as iMovie for example.

Power Director’s Key Features

  • Drag and Drop controls in your video for editing
  • Blue Screen or Green Screen
  • Edit Background
  • Blur Background
  • Create Video and Picture Collages
  • Sound Control
  • Speed Control
  • Multiple Video Formats Support
  • Multiple Audio Formats Support
  • Add music to video

So, With all these features listed and many more in the actual app for free. And also with very cool tools available in Power Director Application for android – You can now edit your personal videos or for work(Professional video editing work). You can create your life story trailers or your business profile videos. Or music videos for your company.

It really is a good editor and also a good Android iMovie alternative to be tried. Try it and know more about its features.

Get Power Director for Android

   Download Power Director for Android

Get Power Director for Windows 10

   Download Power Director for Windows 10


Funimate is a different kind of android video editing app. It offers very fun effects to make videos look astonishing and funny at the same time. And you all may know about TikTok. So, It provides very cool effects that make video TikTok-ready. Funimate videos always get apart from the usual TikTok videos because of its unique and fun effects and filters.

With Funimate, you don’t need to be a professional or even intermediate with android video editing. You just need to select video and pictures and choose effects and filters you like. It automatically customizes and adds effects and filters to the video. And make it look beautiful, unique and different and funnier, of course than the other normal usual videos.

funimate apk download - Best iMovie alternatives for Android

This is not a simple, typical video editing software…But a very fun Android Video Editing Software. It is a must try. And if you’re a TikTok user and likes to create TikTok videos… This is a must editing app for you. Because it can make your videos look different and more awesome than other users’ video. It may help you get featured on TikTok. And also make you a celeb, Who Knows.

Funimate’s Cool Features

  • Very Cool and Unique Video Effects
  • Awesome Video Filters
  • Cool Music to add in your videos
  • Beautiful Overlays to add in videos
  • Cut, Trim, Merge videos
  • Easily edit short videos
  • Create your own effects

This app can help you, show-off, your creativity. Because not only this provides various beautiful and awesome effects and features, It helps you create your own effects and use them to make the beautiful and creative piece of art.

Use it and Create a creative and beautiful music video. And share them privately with your friends and family or Share them publically on TikTok with a growing video sharing community.  Or as usual, you can also share your awesome videos on other social media platforms.

Get Funimate for Android

   Download Funimate for Android

So, Here’s a full list of Top 10 Best iMovie alternatives for Android or best iMovie alternatives for Android or you could also say The Best iMovie app for Android. But when these all apps serve is a very good video editing experience to you. Which is all that matters. They provide features similar to iMovie or other premium desktop video editing software and also some additional features to them, which varies by software to software. So, Go through all the Android Video Editing Software I have listed here… And choose what suits you best. Choose, The best iMovie for your Android Device.

And at last, If you liked my list of The Best iMovie for Android… and you think this may help any of your friends, Please do share this with him. Or also you can share it on various social media with your friends and family which may like this list. And if you have any query… Please do ask in the comments section below. And also give feedback about what you think! Your feedback matters very much to us.

Thank You 🙂 for Reading.
Happy Editing 🙂

Thanks for reading iMovie alternatives for Android - have a happy video editng

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