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Download iMovie for Windows 10 (100% working trick)

27 December 2018 / By iMovie for Windows
How to download iMovie for Windows 10 Free Full Version

Hey, are you looking to Download iMovie for Windows 10 for free of cost? Also, It is an Apple product… Available exclusively for Apple devices like… MacBook, iPad, iPhones. But there is much software which can be used as iMovie for Windows 10.

There is some free iMovie Alternative for Windows 10. Also, We can get iMovie software alternatives for other Operating Systems like Linux, Windows.

Get more details about iMovie…

iMovie has very good features and effects which help us achieve the final product we want. Editing in iMovie software is very easy and interesting also because of its beautiful user-experience.

Download iMovie for Windows 10 Free Full Version

How to download iMovie for Windows 10 Free Full Version?

Some of iMovie features are…

It has great performance because It is highly optimized. People Detection
Effective Speed Manipulation is also available in iMovie. Defy the time and gravity with powerful editing Tools available in iMovie. It provides Elegant User-Interface and delightful User Experience.

Check Top 10 iMovie Features which makes it Best Video Editing Software

Great effects of iMovie Software are…

Fast and Slow Motion

Defy the time with iMovie for Windows 10. It lets you increase or decrease the speed of your video clip as you want.  If you want to express more in limited time, then you can speed up your movie… Or you can use the ultimate SLO-MO Effect of iMovie Software. In iMovie software… You can easily adjust and manipulate the speed of your video clips through the inbuilt speed editor, which has presets selection for the speed. You can also reverse the video clips, That’s a great feature… I know. 🙂

Slow Motion in Apple iMovie

Day To Night

Convert your day clip into a night movie. This makes the video clip look like it was captured in the night and not in the day… In spite, it was captured in the day. Or you can use this for transitions in your movie… As a movie goes ahead, You can convert day into night with this feature that iMovie provides us.

Title Duplication

Instead of creating and editing title each and every time for every video edit you make… You can duplicate the titles from one clip to others very easily.

This can be very useful when you’ve less time and you need to get things done fast.

Movie Trailer Creation

Movie Trailer is used to show the most exciting and interesting scenes from the movie you are creating or you have created. It is also an iMovie effect which lets you create the professional looking trailers with customized sound at intervals of the clips or for the particular portions of that clips.

Making a movie trailer is somehow necessary for the promotion of movie or also for the viewer’s anticipation.

Movie Trailer Effect in iMovie for Windows 10

The Dobly Zoom

This iMovie effect is an effect largely done while shooting is in progress but with options of re-creating in iMovie. You can use this effect to Zoom in the already shooted clips to a particular part and also look very realistic. When zooming, the camera is supposed to be on a backward movement with a synchronized speed between the zoom and the subject.

Steadycam effect

This iMovie effect can be used to get steady shots in a video or a movie. While shooting there may be some disturbances which result in the loss of focus on the target… To overcome that, we can use this iMovie effect we can focus on the target and keep a focus on the target for where it goes.

This effect is very useful when you don’t have the professional shooting equipment and you’ve shot your videos or movies in a hurry, Then you will definitely need to steady your shots. For that purpose, iMovie is maybe the best.

Lens Flare

This iMovie effect recreates the sunlight which is captured in the camera. This makes it look like ta the light captured is really the light coming directly from the sun.

Split Screen for videos

Split screen for videos effect is used to have multiple screens on a screen at the same time. We can use it to make more informational or those clips also compliment each other. We can put multiple video clips running at the same time or one after the other in the same video screen. This edit looks very professional and can be very useful to Directors.

External Microphones

Poor sound quality can devaluate your movie. Even if you have a very well edited movie clip with awesome effects and animations….. But if the sound quality is poor then, It can distract viewers from the video. That’s where the external microphones come in the picture… You can use them while enhancing the video. And record the voice and use it in the video.  This improves the sound and audio experience in the video.

Blue or Green Screens

This iMovie effect gives us the power to cut any single color from the background and make it transparent and replace it with any other color. So, You can replace the background with green or blue screens. It is known as Chroma Effect. This effect is very useful when you can’t go to multiple locations for editing f=different scenes… So, It is useful to have the same colored background. This is a very great feature if you are creating any tutorial videos.

Green Screening in iMovie for Windows 10

Flipped Video

This is not a very necessary effect… But, We may sometimes need to flip the video to show from a different side. So, We can use this effect of iMovie software for windows and can flip the video.

All the above is the given features make incredible change and flavor to your video output! And the important thing is that “Apple iMovie will not change a single $ for any of this effect! They provide all the effects at free of cost“.

If you’re interested in iMovie effects then visit “iMove Features” at where I listed all the features and the effects of iMovie in the detailed version.

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Now you know that iMovie means a lot to any video editor. But here is one problem, and the problem is “iMovie is only available for Mac! Because Apple never developed iMovie for Windows.“. So the question is How we can use this decent piece of creativity in our windows Laptop?

Need the solution? Here it is!

But some Tech Gods will help us by finding some alternative ways, by which we can easily Install the iMovie on our Windows Laptop or Computer and use it without any problem.

Technical Specification of iMovie for Windows 10

  • 8 GB RAM (Minimum Required)
  • 1 TB HDD
  • Processor above i5 6th Gen.
  • 2GB or more Graphics Card
  • 500 GB Free Space

The requirements listed above was the minimum requirement for iMovie on windows. If you don’t have the above requirements in your system, then please do not try to Install the iMovie otherwise your system can be affected or getting damaged! But if you have the complete requirements then just start the process to Install iMovie on your Windows PC…

For that, you Need the iMovie Software Collection for Windows… So before you continue to the Installation process Please first Download iMovie Setup for Windows 10.

Once you got the iMovie Software Installation zip file, then start working on Installation Process by unzipping the Installation File. But please make sure your file was download correctly. Because the setup file was large and any kind of internet connection error can corrupt the file data! So make sure about this.

unzip the downloaded iMovie Source code file

Now once you successfully unzip the Source Code file. You can see the 3 files in that folder. One is ‘readme.txt’, use this file for the Installation Guide. This file contains all the necessary information you need to install the File! Another file is Setup.exe, this is the main Installation file. But please do not run the setup file directly. First of all please open the ‘readme.txt’ file and then use this file as mentioned in that. And after completing all the Installation Process you have to use the last file. The last file was the restart.bat file. Once you successfully complete all the listed task of the readme file, just double-click on the restart.bat file. This file will restart your System and clear all the installation process files.

Download iMovie for Windows 10 Free

Step by step process to Install the iMovie for Windows 10

  1. Download the iMovie Installation Files
  2. Unzip the downloaded .zip file on your desktop
  3. Check your system requirements and match it with our system requirements
  4. Open the readme.txt file.
  5. Follow the Installation Process described in the readme.txt file.
  6. At last double click on the restart.bat file to restart your system and complete temporary data to save your storage and keep your system fast!

Now the iMovie has been completely installed on your System! Just go to start menu and search for the iMovie to run the iMovie for Windows 10…

The alternative way to Install iMovie for Windows 10?

How to install iMovie on Windows 10 Free

How to install iMovie on Windows 10?

Searching for alternative ways is always a good habit of getting a good result. So that’s why I searched for another way of Installing the iMovie in the Windows 10. And here is one more benefit to this method. You just not going to install the iMovie for Windows 10 only, but also you’re going to install the whole Mac OS into the Windows system itself. In another way, you are converting your system into the clean save Mac. And after this, you are able to install any application of Mac OS into your Windows 10 Computer.

So let’s start our journey of this another way. And for this journey, we need some recipe to make our journey successful. Here is the full list of things we need to start this journey.

  • Virtual Box
  • Mac OS Setup

It’s time to start the journey with this all recipe. And here is the step by step process of installing iMovie for Windows 10.

Step 1: Download and Install Virtual Box

Download and Install Virtual BoxAs I told earlier in this way you’re going to convert your system into the Mac OS system. In short, you are going to install the Mac OS into your existing system. To install Mac OS on your Windows system you need the Virtual Box. You can download the virtual box from Here.

Download NowOnce you downloaded the Virtual Box setup. Now it is the time to install it. Go to the Download folder and find the downloaded setup and double-click on it to install. The installation process takes 4-5 minuted. Once the installation process finishes, it’s time to install the Mac OS into this virtual box.

install virtual machine on windows 10Virtual Box is the software which helps users to install another Operating System on their main Operating System. And, that’s why we use virtual box to install the Mac OS on Windows 10 directly without any kind of extra expanse.

Now you know about the Virtual Box and how it works? Right?

If yes, then it’s time for another step…

Step 2: Install Mac OS in VirtualBox

Before we start this step we need the Mac OS Image. Using this Mac OS image we can install the MAC Operating System into the Virtual Box. And this is the very necessary step of Installing the iMovie for Windows 10.

Download the MacOS image for Windows Part 1
Download the MacOS image for Windows Part 2

Now you have been downloaded the MacOS Installation file for Windows 10. Now it was the last step to install Mac.

how to install mac os on pc step by stepNeed help?

I know you need the help for installing the Mac OS in virtual box. It’s okay…

Check “How to install the Mac OS into Windows 10

So just go and complete the installation process.

Welcome back to the iMovie Installation Tour 😉 Just kidding 🙂 I hope you completed the OS Installation and now you get set ready to go for the iMovie. I also know how you’re too much excited to use iMovie on your Windows System. Waiting is no more. This is the last step of this Process.

Step 3: Install iMovie for Windows 10

For installing iMovie for Windows 10 you have to start the Mac OS in Virtual Box. And after completion of the booting process, it was the time to install the iMovie.

Now move your cursor at the bottom of the screen. In other words Dock of the Mac OS. And Click on the App Store icon.

How to install iMovie on Windows 10It’ll take a few minutes to start up the App Store completely. Now I think your App Store has been successfully loaded and ready to work. Then go to the search box and type “iMovie”.

download iMovie for windows 10 free full versionYou can see the iMovie in the result just click on it and press the “GET” button.

Wooowwww…. Finally, your iMovie installation has been started successfully. So now just wait for the completion of the Installation Process and then start your iMovie for Windows 10 to make your first editing project!

how to use iMovie on MacBook Pro#HappyVideoEditing

If you’re the newbie to the video editing field. Then don’t worry! Here we share the complete guide on “How to use iMovie to edit video like Pro?

It’s your time!



I know you got the very useful software which can help you a lot in editing your videos and converting them into the amazing video clip. But if you really like this Help guide then please leave a sweet and short comment below and also share it with others.

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