500+ Premium iMovie Trailer Templates [Free to Download]

500+ Premium iMovie Trailer Templates [Free to Download]

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iMovie Trailer templates are one of the most useful features of iMovie. iMovie provides many templates for trailer creation and also get started with your editing of videos or creating a movie trailer without wasting any time. iMovie has built-in templates ready to be edited. There are templates which iMovie provide for various kinds of travelers and movies creation.

Like, iMovie provides Trailer templates for…

  • life story
  • action sequence
  • the movie based on adventure
  • documentaries
  • sports movies based trailers
  • horror scenes
  • superheroes trailers, any many more

Available iMovie Trailer Templates

  • Scary
  • Adrenaline
  • Bollywood
  • Expedition
  • Coming Of Age
  • Family
  • Narrative
  • Retro
  • Superhero
  • Romance
  • Friendship
  • Comedy
  • Film Noir

iMovie has exactly 29 built-in Trailer Templates. From which some are listed above. You can follow the steps below to see the whole list of available templates available and be able to create trailers with iMovie using available Templates.

These built-in trailers can be easily edited as you may want! You just need to select photos or video clips you want to use in the trailers and just customize some more things and the trailer is ready to be published!!

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So, The question now is…..

How to use iMovie trailer templates? and How to create trailers in iMovie?

In iMovie templates, you can edit titles and other texts you see in the trailer. And also you can add pictures and video clips you want in your trailer. You can choose any built-in template you want as per your requirement of the trailer!!

How to use iMovie Trailer Templates... to make the best video clip

  1. Go to Projects View, click Create New, then click Trailer.
    • Now, The create window will appear. Now, you need to choose the template you want for your purpose.
    • iMovie provides 29 built-in trailer templates, You need to choose the template you like for further editing.Create New Video using iMovie Trailer Templates
    • iMovie provides a preview for the templates before choosing them for further editing. You can take a look at the template preview before clicking it and getting it ready for the further editing.
  2. Previewing the trailer template.
    • To preview a trailer template, move the pointer over the template, A Play button will appear over the template. You need to click on that button and It will show a preview of that trailer.Preview Created Trailer Video and Make Changes
    • The details about the trailer template like the duration of the trailer, the number of people in the trailer is displayed below the template. You gotta select the template which matches your requirement of time and number of people in your trailer.
    • Because once you choose your template for trailer creation in iMovie, You can not go back and change your trailer.
    • And if you wish to do so, You’ll lose all the editing work you’d have done and you’ll have to do all your work again.
    • So, You need to select template carefully or you may need to create your project from scratch.
  3. Selecting the trailer template for editing.
    • Now, after you’ve previewed trailers… You need to select the trailer that matches your requirement.
    • You just need to click on the trailer you want to select.
    • And then, Click on Create and then click OK button.
  4. Editing the Trailer Template.
    • Now an interface will appear with Tabs saying, OutlineStoryboard, and Shortlist.


Outline refers to the information in your trailer. Like names of your cast, studio, or other information.

This customizes the information which will be displayed in some screens and credit screen.

You provide information like,

  • Movie Name
  • Movie Date
  • Cast names: Meaning the names of people in your trailer.
    • It shows a fine-tuned interface where you can enter the names of individual cast members.
    • And you can also provide information about them. Like, Gender and Age.

Some video templates support customized visual styles. You’ll also get to choose them in this area with a POP-UP Menu!


Storyboard tab customizes text shown in the trailers. Templates have some texts which need to be replaced.

  • Templates have some default text, which can be replaced in the Storyboard tab.
  • Storyboard also customizes the instances in the trailer like, some shots can be categorized as action, closeup with the timings.
  • Storyboard fills all the slots pre-defined in the trailer template.
  • We just need to keep customizing and filling those slots one by one. After a slot is perfectly customized, We can go to the next slot in the storyboard.

This makes the editing of trailer templates very much easier.

Shot List

Shot list tab categorizes slots by type. Those types can be of Action, Medium, Landscape  Wide or CloseUp or Group. It means that you can categorize video shots or slots under those categories which have their own nature of effects. They personalize the clips under some predefined effects to match the trailer template.

How to Download more iMovie trailer templates?

iMovie provides some built-on trailer templates. 29 trailer templates, to be precise. And those templates are very personalized that you can almost make any kind of trailer out of those templates provided by iMovie.

And also iMovie or Apple does not provide any more external Templates. But, you can use iMovie’s alternatives to get external templates. Some iMovie alternatives support external templates for trailer creation.

If you don’t have iMovie for Windows PC, then no problem. Download iMovie for Windows now.

Download 500+ Premium iMovie Trailer Templates .zip

Download iMovie Trailer Templates Now

There are some iMovie alternatives for Windows OS and MacOS.

Those alternatives are…

  • Wondershare Filmora
  • LightWorks Free
  • Movavi Video Editor
  • Shotcut
  • OpenShot
  • VideoPad
  • Avidemux
  • VirtualDub
  • Kdenlive
  • Windows Movie Maker

To know about these iMovie alternatives in detail visit 10 BEST iMOVIE ALTERNATIVES [WORKS BETTER THAN iMOVIE].

Some Useful Question-Answer about Apple iMovie

Q. 1 – Which is best iMovie scary trailer?

This is the best iMovie Scary Trailer…

Q. 2 – From where we get iMovie Trailer Tutorial?

You can get complete iMovie Trailer Tutorial from bit.ly/2Xy8ynG

Q. 3 – From where we can get movie trailers templates?

You can get some best movie trailer templates from here.

Q. 4 – How to make a movie trailer for free?

You can make movie trailer for free using iMovie by following these steps:

  • Create New Project
  • Add Some Temporary Videos
  • Create New Timeline Project with Temp Videos and Effects
  • Save it with suitable name
  • Finally our Movie Trailer is created!

Q. 5 – iMovie storyboard

It is the very useful thing in Apple iMovie but you can use it to make your editing experience smooth and better with iMovie Storyboard!

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