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iMovie for Windows 10

As APPLE INC. says…

Turn your videos into movie magic.

iMovie is a software used to edit video clips and convert them into a professional looking movie. iMovie has great power with the convenience of use. It’s as easy as just selecting the clips you want from your pc and then edit them into a very beautiful and stunning 4K-res movie or maybe an outstanding Trailer for your business.

 Download iMovie for Mac Free of Cost Download iMovie for Windows 10 free of cost

Best Video Editing Software - Apple iMovie for Windows 10 and Mac Free
iMovie is the best video editing software for all platform

Get iMovie for Windows 10 and Convert Clips into Magic Clips

iMovie for Windows 10 is the Best Video Editing Software

Convert your clips into the Magic Clips using iMovie. And now you can also download iMovie for Windows 10.

We all require the software which can provide us the powerful editing with the convenience of use. Also With Simple user-friendly User-Experience…

iMovie provides us with all these features… plus, with The great user-experience…

And, the main beneficial point is that it is an Apple product… So, You can easily trust on its build.

Back in time, People using other OS like Windows had to go for other options of iMovie because iMovie for Windows 10 is not developed by Apple… But, now when iMovie is available for Windows… Now, We don’t need to go for the other editing software.

How to get iMovie for Windows 10
Easy to Edit

Experience in editing the video clips has never been easier with any software other than iMovie… Just drag and drop to make your video stunning piece of creativity!

Special Effects

Visual Effects – Give your movie a touch of great visual effects like, Thunder, Rain, Sunburn, Lightning or any visuals that fit you with iMovie.


Thanks to Apple because iMovie lets you share your videos over all the social media… So now share your happy moments with the world directly from your screen…


You can create a great slideshow from Pictures using iMovie… Add transitions and various special effects to the slideshow. Make a perfect slideshow with iMovie.

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best features of iMovie for Windows 10

more features

Simple to Edit

Just choose the video clips, add the effects and filters in it, choose the soundtracks for the video and keep on editing till it looks just perfect.
There’s no need for professional editing skills to create a stunning trailer anymore…

Cause you now have the iMovie for Windows 10.

With iMovie, you can edit frames of the videos… Select the range of time, add sound effects, change filters for the specific time period, add special effects whichever suits your movie, just as easy as it sounds.

It gives powerful editing with the ease of use…..

Outstanding Effects

Visual Effects – Give your movie a touch of great visual effects like, Thunder, Rain, Sunburn, Lightning or any visuals that fit you with iMovie.
Sounds – Add sound effects in your movie… Either as a background sound for your whole trailer or movie or for a specific time slice… The choice is yours, You’re the CREATOR!

Stunning visuals – As it also supports 4K video editing don’t worry about the visuals… It’s going to be as great as you may expect.
Image Filters – Add filters to video clips… To make them look more beautiful and more catchy.


Also in various resolutions and sizes…. Have your movie in whatever size and resolution you want… Just with iMovie for Windows 10.


You can create a great slideshow from Pictures using iMovie… Add transitions and various special effects to the slideshow. Make a perfect slideshow with iMovie for Windows 10.

Why Apple iMovie is best professional video editing software

Transform ideas into creativity with new Apple iMovie – World Best Drag and Drop video editing Application. With…

iMovie for Windows 10

Your Video creations as you like....

  • Great User Experience, Beautiful and Easy to understand UI, Professional Feel.
  • Great Library for Extra-Special Features and Effects… All by Apple.
  • Show your creativity with all the post-shoot effects available like Day To Night, Movie Trailers, Blue Screen.
  • Defy the time and gravity with powerful editing Tools available in iMovie.
Why iMovie is Ideal for Beginner?
powerful and unlimited design

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984Satisfied Users
500Special Effects

Why you may need iMovie or any Video Editing Software

The most perfect scenario for us to need video editing software is that we want to create a trailer to show our memories… We all know that visuals are remembered better than the textual information…..

So, if we want to present our memories or the experience throughout the journey. We may need editing software which can take photos or video clips and give us a very good, beautiful and fine-tuned trailer which can be shown to our loved ones or our audience…

The same purpose is fulfilled by iMovie with the ease of use hence the power to make beautiful and high-resolution edits.



Get iMove for all Gadgets

Download iMovie for Mac Free of Cost Get your favourite video editing software Apple iMovie on Windows 10 for free of cost Download iMovie for Android Devices at Free of Cost


Let me clear some of the doubts or questions that may arise in your mind

What is iMovie?

iMovie is video editing software developed by Appple Inc. Which provides the powerful video editing with a user-friendly UI. Apple gives much of functionalities into this small editor. By which you can convert your clips into a creative art piece of creativity just with drag and drop.

Is iMovie for Windows 10?

If I give you a one-word answer, then-No. But iMovie indirectly is available for Windows.

Actually, there is no direct installation setup available for Windows! But yes you can still be able to install it using some third party tools.

If you don’t wont to use then there is not an issue. Because there are many alternative video editing software available for Windows which gives very similar functionality like iMovie.

For more information please check “Top 10 iMovie alternative for windows“.

Is Multi-Resolution and Encoding Type Support available in iMovie?

Yes, You can encode your video in multiple formats like HEVC, MP4 or H264… Also in various resolutions and dimensions…

Are Templates available for editing Videos in iMovie?

The answer is YES. There are many templates available in iMovie and also a very great library to choose templates from. To get you started with the editing.

As I already told Apple developed very user-friendly functionality in iMovie, so you can choose any template from the vast range of beautiful templates.

How to download iMovie on Windows Free?

awesome video & best appllication

discover video

Can not be use to with iMovie?

iMovie Alternative for Windows

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