How to use iMovie on Mac? The Complete Step by Step Guide

How to use iMovie on Mac? The Complete Step by Step Guide

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How to use iMovie on Mac? Tips and Tricks about it…

iMovie for Mac is the best video editing software developed by Apple itself. With iMovie, you can easily turn any normal videos into the amazing magic clips. So today I come up with iMovie user guide “How to use iMovie on Mac?”. And not only “How to use iMovie on Mac” guide, but you can also find some awesome tips and tricks for Apple iMovie Free

How to create Project on iMovie

So Let’s start the trip by turning on the software…

Have you ever tried Professional Video Editing Software?

   Download iMovie for Windows 10

No Problem, I know if your answer is yes, then you must have little but confusing experience… But with iMovie, you can get mind-blowing user experience in the first impression. The User Interface of iMovie is very easy, and that’s why I told you “iMovie is the Best Video Editing Software”. So anyone can easily understand how to use iMovie on Mac.

So where we are? Ohh OK! We are at Launching the iMovie on Mac…

You can start iMovie with 2 methods. First one is from Application Directory, Second is using the spotlight search, and the last and third one is with Launchpad.

#1 Start iMovie from Application Directory

How to use iMovie on Mac

To start the iMovie from Application Directory first click on the Finder. Now new file window will open, click on the Application folder and now you can see all the installed application. So select the iMovie Application and double tap on it to start…

#2 Launch iMovie using the Spotlight Search

How to export video in iMovieFor starting the Apple iMovie using Spotlight Search just press Command + Space to enable the Spotlight Search and then simply search for the iMovie. And finally, select the iMovie and hit the enter button…

#3 Began iMovie from Launchpad

How to apply effects in iMovie

You can also start the iMovie from Launchpad. For that, you have to open the launchpad from the dock and then double click on the iMovie Application…

Woowwww….. So finally your iMovie journey has been started successfully with launching the Application.

So, now when you started the iMovie and able to see the first screen of Apple iMovie.

Create New Movie in iMovie

And now click on the file menu and then click on New Movie. Or Press Command + N.

Assign the Name of Project

Now type the appropriate name of the Project. Make sure to write the identical name for your project.

Choose the Aspect Ratio (Screen Dimension) for your Clip

Now select the suitable Aspect Ratio for your project video. Aspect Ratio is one kind of Screen Dimension for your Clip. You can select anyone from multiple options. For example, you can select Widescreen Display for 16:9 Aspect Ratio, a standard display for 4:3 Aspect Ratio, or you can also select one which is most suited for the iPhone (I’m talking about the 3:2 aspect ratio). Apple also provides us the facility for the SDTV format. For SDTV format you can select 4:3 Aspect Ratio.

How to edit title in iMovie

But here is one problem. If you are going to select the 16:9 aspect ratio then you have to adjust with little black bars at top and bottom of the screen. iMovie also provides you the facility to set the Aspect Ratio for the various result like HD, Full HD, Ultra HD and also 2k and 4k.

Select Frame Rate

Edit Video Transition effects in iMovie

Apple iMovie is also provided you the custom Frame Rate Setting facility. The default setting for frame rate is 30 frames per second. The 30fp is the regular frame rate by the North American NTSC Video Standards. But you can also set the lower frame rate setting for the custom settings. For example “25 frames per second”. The 25 FP setting is used for the International PAL, SECAM video standard.

Start Video Editing by Clicking the Create Button

So now you have been completely set up the whole settings. And now just start editing your clips and start the process to make it the magic movie. Now you can see the working area as like as the below image. That was the whole play area of iMovie and work area for you.

Tip: Check top 10 features of iMovie before starting editing.

I know now you are very familiar with How to use iMovie for Windows…

So, It’s your turn…

How to add sound effects in iMovie Project

Now it’s your turn. So just keep your knife sharpen and make it like Swiss knife for your video editing operation. Now I know that you’re going to make your next clip much better then last one… So Why are you waiting for? Just start your video editing process now!

If you don’t want to use iMovie. No problem, here I have the solution…

Top 10 iMovie Alternative for Windows 10

Bonus: Want to make your clip better then, no problem download some premium effects to make your clip like professional video editors clip.

  Download iMovie Premium Effects

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