Top 10 Free iMovie alternative for Windows 10 [100% Free Software]

Top 10 Free iMovie alternative for Windows 10 [100% Free Software]

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Before we start on “Top 10 Free iMovie Alternative for Windows 10“. Let’s discuss on Apple iMovie first. iMovie is a software used to edit video clips and convert them into a professional looking movie, in short, it is a very powerful Video Editing Software. Yes… For a Mac of course. Yes, iMovie is a very powerful video editing software… Want to know how? Here are some awesome iMovie Features. iMovie has very elegant User-Interface and very delightful User-Experience. That is the 1st requirement to like a software, Right?!! (Wink) iMovie offers its users nearly every editing facility they may need and also in a very convenient way. Like, When you are editing a video and you think of something you want to do… You can find the effect you need very easily because of its User Interface.

Top 10 iMovie Alternative for Windows 10 Free

Know in detail that Why you need iMovie software

Now, you may also have had a question like everybody else that… Is iMovie available for Windows? Can I get iMovie software for Windows 10 for free? Is there any official iMovie software for Windows by Apple? So, The answer is YES and NO. Yes, that you may have a lot of blogs showing you the ways to get iMovie on your Windows PC. How to download iMovie for Windows 10 free now… And, NO, because Apple has not released any Windows version of iMovie for any Windows version.

That’s the reason why you’re here. You need iMovie Alternative for Windows. And for free, of Course.

Sit Back and Relax

Hold Back and Relax….. You will get the best iMovie Alternative for Windows PC before you reach the end of this page.

There are many iMovie Alternative for Windows with more or fewer features than iMovie and also paid and free… But, here I will suggest you 10 Best iMovie Alternative for Windows 10 which you can use for achieving your purpose and get the expected product out of your editing work, without having to spend your money.

Before reading ahead… Read the effects and features of iMovie software.

Top 10 free iMovie Alternative for Windows 10

  • Wondershare Filmora
  • LightWorks Free
  • Movavi Video Editor
  • Shotcut
  • OpenShot
  • VideoPad
  • Avidemux
  • VirtualDub
  • Kdenlive
  • Windows Movie Maker

Wondershare Filmora

Now, You may have noticed its the 1st iMovie Alternative for Windows I’m telling you about is, Filmora. It is a video editing software using which you can use without having to understand all its functionalities and focus on just what you need, which is editing the video. It has more or less the same features as iMovie… That’s why it is a worthy free alternative to Apple’s iMovie Software. We can consider Wondershare as iMovie for Windows PC. This has some of the iMovie features like…

  • Cropping, Cutting, and Trimming
  • 4K Resolution Video Editing Support
  • Slow Motion
  • Voice Over
  • Split Screen Edit
  • Scene Detection
  • Audio Equalizer
  • Speed Control
  • Frame Previews (Frame by Frame Preview)

Filmora can be used to add images, gifs, and texts on the video to create stories or some kind of trailers… It’s easy to use it. You can get used to it easily just by using it for some time.

wondershare filmora full version download

Now, Let me answer some questions that you may have about Filmora…

FAQ About Wondershare Filmora

Is Filmora good for editing?
YES, Filmora is a very good video editing software. You can do nearly all the basic editing tasks with Filmora. Also, it is the best iMovie Alternative for Windows. It also has a very clean User-Interface and can give you an overall good editing experience.
Is Filmora Free?
– The answer is YES. You can have Filmora for free… The only difference between Filmora being free and paid is The Watermark. The trial version of filmora has Watermark on the edited video. Just to remove it, You have to buy its paid version. Otherwise, Filmora offers all the necessary video editing features for free.
What files does Filmora support?
– It nearly supports all the file types you may need. Like, MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG-4, MKV, GIF, MP3, FLV, and many more.

So, We can say that Filmora is a very good and yes, free iMovie Alternative for Windows PCs.

Download Wondershare Filmora for Windows 10 Free

Lightworks Free

Lightworks is a very popular free video editing software. It comes to win 2 versions free and pro. But, It’s Free version is also very good. You can use it to do all the necessary basic editing tasks. Lightworks free also has multiple platform support. So, It is our #2 free best alternative to iMovie for Windows.

Lightworks offer us features like,

  • Cropping, Cutting, and Trimming
  • Multicam editing
  • Very good speed optimization
  • Very good formats support
  • Customizable Interface

Lightworks is overall a very good and free video editing software.

lightworks free download for windows 10

So, here let me answer your questions about Lightworks.

FAQ About Lightworks

Is Lightworks free?
– Yes, It is a very popular and powerful free Video Editing Software.
Is Lightworks that good for editing?
– YES! It offers us very good features and effects totally for free. So, yes. It is indeed very good video editing software available for multiple platforms.
Should I use Lightworks free or Pro?
– I would suggest you to use Lightworks free. Cause You get all the necessary features also in the free version. It is really worth using and is a very good free alternative to iMovie for Windows.

download lightworks pro full version

Movavi Video Editor

Now, Movavi is a powerful and also easy-to-use video editing software. Movavi is used for professional video editing by industry professionals. This is also one of the best iMovie Alternative for Windows 10. It’ll let us import the videos and clips in the editor area and you can edit them easily with the tools it provides.

Some of Movavi’s features are…

  • Saving videos in different formats
  • Sharing videos
  • 3D video editing
  • Cropping, Cutting, and Trimming
  • Fast video processing speed
  • Speed control

download movavi video editor full version

Now the answers to your questions about Movavi Video Editing Software.

FAQ About Movavi video editing software

Can I use Movavi in Windows?
– Yes, you can use Movavi to edit videos in professional quality in Windows. And you can use Movavi for free. It is a really good alternative of iMovie for Windows.
Does Movavi has Viruses?
– Movavi Video Editor, in particular, does not contain viruses. But it depends on the source from where you download it. If, the file you download contains the virus… Only then you will be affected by the virus. Otherwise, it is totally safe to use.

Better, Download Movavi from its official website or any of your trustable sources.

movavi video editor crack download free


Shotcut is maybe the best iMovie alternative for Windows for Cutting, Trimming, Rotating and Editing the videos. It also has very good and delightful user-friendly User-Interface. It’s fun editing with it. And it is also totally free to use.

Some of Shotcut’s features…

  • Excellent Cut, Crop controls which makes the editing of video clips very easy and convenient with the user-friendly interface.
  • Various Audio Features
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Hardware Support

shotcut video editor download for windows 7 free

So, now I gotta answer your questions about Shotcut…

FAQ About shotcut

Is Shotcut free?
– YES, like other video editing software is also free to use. It is a very good free video editing software alternative of iMovie for Windows.
Does it have keyboard shortcuts for editing?
– YES. It provides keyboard shortcuts to fully control the video editing and access all the features available.

download shotcut video editor for pc 64 bit


As its owners say, Openshot is incredibly simple and powerful. Openshot is easy-to-use, quick to learn, and surprisingly powerful video editor. It has multi-platform support. Like it can run on Mac, Linux or Windows. Without any problem. It has some key features…. which makes it one of the best iMovie alternative for Windows. It is a stable, free and friendly to use video editor.

openshot video editor download for pc

Some of Openshot’s features…

  • Desktop Integration Support
  • 3D animated titles
  • Advanced timeline
  • Clip resizing, scaling, trimming, snapping, rotation and cutting
  • Title templates, title creation.
  • Audio Features

download openshot video editor for windows 10


VideoPad can be used for both commercial and home use. You can use it for editing your videos personally or for your business. It has very advanced features to become able to compete with iMovie and other video editing software. It has very good social media sharing features which can be used to publish videos, edited videos on Youtube and on other social media platforms. VideoPad is also recommended by many YouTubers or professional video editors.

videopad editor download free full version

Now, This is some real deal which comes under the list of best iMovie Alternative for Windows.

Features of NCH VideoPAD…

  • Cool Video Transitions and Effects.
  • Video Optimization
  • Sharing and Publishing Tools
  • Burn To DVD Option
  • 360 Video Support
  • You can add text and narration to 360 videos
  • Multiple formats support

This is a professional video editing tool available… And for free for Windows and also for other operating systems.

Some answers to your questions about NCH VideoPad…

FAQ About NCH Video Pad

Is NCH VideoPad free?
– Yes, It is free to use and with also many good and professional features and effects. To have your videos perfectly edited and finetuned. For whatever purpose it is. Home and Professional.
What software do YouTubers use for editing their videos?
– They use multiple software as per their different requirements and expertise. But some YouTubers suggest VideoPad use for editing. And also it has many great features similar to iMovie and also some more features in addition to iMovie.

This is a real good iMovie alternative for Windows.

download videopad video editor full version


Avidemux is a video editing software that is available freely for Windows. It can be used for video editing tasks such as filtering, cutting, and encoding, and it supports several video formats including MPEG, DVD, AVI, and MP4 and many mires. It lets us save parts of a large video through its cutting and selecting tool and is able to perform multiple video file format conversion and compression.

avidemux download for pc

Avidemux is also capable of automating many processes which is useful when editing shorter and simpler videos.

Avidemux’s some cool features…

  • Cutting the video clips
  • Saving specific parts of videos by cutting
  • Encoding
  • Removing some parts of videos
  • Video Resizing
  • Converting Video in multiple formats for publishing
  • Filtering
  • Many audio filters and Video Filters

download avidemux windows 10


Now, this is a software which is fast. As its owners say… Virtual Dub, That’s FAST! Easy to use! Fun editing software. Alternative of iMovie, perfectly? Maybe, Maybe not!! But… It is worth trying the software for video editing… It does not have as much features and effects as iMovie or other software… But it is free. And that’s cool. Still, you can manage your simple editings with VirtualDub.

virtualdub free download for windows 10

It can be used to clean video on your computer. Just open that vide… Use some clean effect… It will do some changes to your video and make it look clearer. A good, light, cheap, cool software to do hands-on once.!!

Some of its features are…

  • Fast
  • Cheap
  • Cropping, cutting, editing.
  • Light
  • Easy to use
  • Simple yet useful

It is something that is a must try.. Cause it’s light and at the same time, it offers some basic functionalities.

download virtualdub for windows 10


Kdenlive is an opensource video editing software. It features an intuitive interface, allows you to capture from your webcam or import almost any video format to edit. It is easy to use and only software in my list that has this feature of capturing from WebCam. Also, it offers some more features for free like multi-track video editing, or cutting-cropping, configuring interfaces, sweet and elegant UI, and some more.

kdenlive windows free download

Features of kdenlive are…

  • Speed Effects
  • Themes
  • Multi-Track Video Editing
  • Transition
  • Backup
  • Online Tools
  • Timeline
  • Split Edit

download kdenlive for windows

Windows Movie Maker

windows movie maker download for windows 10 64 bit

This is a built-in movie maker by Microsoft… This was pre-installed in Windows 7. But after that, they have discontinued giving it pre-installed. You can download it from the web. This has some very basic features… Not at all its competition to iMovie, But… If you just have very low requirements… You can use Windows Movie Maker. You will not find Windows Movie Maker preinstalled anymore in latest Windows Version – Windows 10. But, You can download it from here…

download windows movie maker for windows 10 64 bitSo, This was a list of some of the best iMovie alternative for Windows. I hope you liked the list. And I hope that It will help you find the best iMovie Alternative for Windows for your purpose.

I wish you happy editing ahead…

Why Apple iMovie is best professional video editing software

If you liked this list or this post. Please Share this post with your friends to help them find what’s best suited for them. And also let me know about any problems you may be having in the comment section below…!

Once again, Happy Editing ahead!

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